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Shawflex Introduces New Cables for Growing Marine Market

Shawflex introduces new cables for growing marine market

In response to surging demand for cable to support marine and shipbuilding applications, Shawflex has launched its latest product development. The two new cables meet the needs of even the most challenging and extreme conditions in both sea vessels and offshore units. From shipboard control systems to offshore platforms, these cables ensure safety, reliability, and compliance, making them the preferred solution for marine applications worldwide.

New products address industry supply challenges

These new marine cables are here to address any concerns you may have about long lead times and high minimum orders. Just like all our other Shawflex products, extensive research and development in numerous real-time applications went into the production of these new products, which are designed and manufactured with a focus on enhancing the safety of crew members and equipment on board.

They come in a range of configurations, sizes and offer different armoring and shielding options, making them a great fit for various applications with voltage ratings ranging 150V to 1 kV.

In case of fire, ensure the highest protection with halogen-free cables

The new cables, featuring halogen-free materials (Low Smoke Zero Halogen), produce clearer and less smoke in the event of a fire, enhancing visibility and safety during evacuations and firefighting. Additionally, Shawflex’s marine cables are flame retardant and do not emit harmful gases when burning.

Product innovation reflects Shawflex’s history of meeting industry needs

  • Halogen free and low smoke-emitting cables, ensuring safety in case of a fire
  • Lightweight and highly flexible cables, making them easy to install in even the toughest vessel installation projects
  • Cable testing carried out in accordance to world standards (to IEC specifications)
  • Third party approval from internationally recognized marine classification bodies (ABS and Lloyd’s Register)

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