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Safe-T-Ground Insulated Cable Project

To extinguish the risk of fire, we delivered technology that stays cool.

Surface facilities used for steam generation and separation and treatment of produced fluids in Western Canada’s oil sands are paramount to the midstream capabilities of the area’s heavy oil producers. So when a serious fire risk stemming from non-flame-resistant ground conductor cabling in the cabling trays of these facilities was revealed, Shawflex developed a superior cable to prevent potential fire-related catastrophes.

Designed to protect from potential flame spread via cable tray, the Safe-T-Ground RW90 FT4-rated grounding tray cable is constructed with a robust XLPE insulation plus a flame-resistant PVC jacket, also qualified to the FT4 standard.

Available in solid green for standard ground systems or with additional dual yellow stripes for identification of isolated grounding systems, it’s proven to be the best choice for insulated bonding/grounding cable for cable tray use. Safe-T-Ground is also easily installed for equipment bonding/grounding, meeting all CEC Sec. 2-126 requirements, and provides safer long-term identification with UV stabilizers.

Operators in Western Canada are now increasingly choosing to either install or retrofit their surface facilities with Safe-T-Ground RW90 FT4-rated grounding tray cable to mitigate risk and ensure the protection of valuable assets, facility workers and the surrounding community.

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