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RTD Cable Assembly Failure & Replacement Project

RTD cable assembly failure & replacement at a major Canadian nuclear power plant.

A major nuclear power plant operator in Canada was experiencing frequent failure with their RTD assemblies, that put the operation of the plant at risk. Like many CANDU plants around the world, Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) connector assemblies are used in critical temperature measurement loops.

Challenge and Solution

RTD cable assemblies are exposed to extreme temperatures and radiation. The boot on existing RTDs would separate from the connector causing it to bend up to 90°. As a result, the RTD circuit loop would either short or open. This prohibited the RTDs from accurately measuring the process temperatures

Kanata redesigned the RTD Cable Assembly. The new design used a 45° rigid backshell instead of the boot. The rigid backshell reduced the strain between the connector and cables. The cable assembly was also hermetically sealed.


The new design was successfully EQ qualified for 30 years. The RTD Cable Assembly has not failed in service and is far exceeding administrative limits and past operational experience. The success of the new design led to all CANDU NPP operators to switch to the new design. Kanata regularly supplies RTD Cable Assemblies to CANDU Operators around the world.

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