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Jack St. Malo Project

Supplying instrumentation cable, connecting its process control system with vital production components.

When the Gulf of Mexico’s largest production facility of its kind called for instrumentation cabling, we answered with the right solution.

Development of the Jack and St. Malo fields in the Gulf of Mexico represents a key project for the operator—requiring the use of a massive floating semi-submersible production vessel with a capacity of 170,000 barrels of oil per day and 42 million standard cubic feet of natural gas per day.

During its development and construction phase, it was determined the vessel would require Shipboard Fieldbus instrumentation cable to connect its process control system with vital production components such as valve actuators and pressure transducers.

Our expert team at Shawflex designed and manufactured several configurations of Shipboard Fieldbus instrumentation cable to deliver greater topside system flexibility and seamless implementation of the Foundation Fieldbus communication protocol for vessel process control.

Working closely with the engineering firm, we ensured all commercial and technical goals were met and delivered optimal cable designs that provided interoperability, self-diagnostics, easy calibration, simple commissioning and even a minimized need for cabling. As a direct result, we were able to reduce total system cost through shorter lead times, improved data quality and enhanced operational reliability.

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