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Ontario NGS – Delivering on the critical path for CANDU nuclear power plants.

With a client needing a solution for a critical path project, Shawflex delivered on-budget, on-schedule.


Maintenance Outages


Low Voltage N299.3 Cables


Expedited Product Delivery, Manufacturing, Testing


On-time reactor restart

Continuous operation of Ontario’s fleet of Nuclear Generate Stations with minimal outage duration maximizes efficiency and consequently profits for the utility company. Even with the best planning, unforeseen challenges arise during maintenance work with the potential of delaying a reactor re-start. Shawflex has developed a reputation for going the extra mile to work with clients and develop a solution during these costly outage events, as demonstrates with the following examples:

Flexible Nuclear Jumper Cable

During a planned outage Bruce Power discovered a need to replace a motor power cable and had no inventory available. Shawflex engineering team rapidly responded by procuring a suitable alternative cable, performed the required qualification testing and delivered the cable on-site within 11 days of being notified about the issue.With a client needing a solution for a critical path project, Shawflex delivered on-budget, on-schedule.

Nuclear instrumentation Cable

The Shawflex wire and cable engineering team successfully supported the OPG NGS refurbishment project by identifying an alternate cable design to meet the customer extremely short deadline. The design review, customer approval, manufacturing and qualification were expedited to meet the critical path timeline of 7 weeks.

Fuel Handling Power Track Grounding Cable

Prior to a planned maintenance outage, OPG uncovered an uncatalogued grounding cable which required replacement. A custom product was offered by Shawflex with a multi-stage qualification program designed to include a preliminary stage to qualify the cable with a de-rated service life to allow for a shorter lead time to meet the planned outage schedule. Follow up testing was completed to allow for service life extension to the fully specified lifespan.

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