PLTC/ITC 300 V Instrument Cable

Design Standards

Solid or stranded bare or tinned copper
105C Dry / 60C Wet UL rated PVC. Minimum average insulation thickness for #20 AWG is 0.305 mm (0.012 in) and for #18 and 16 AWG is 0.381 mm (0.015 in). 90C Wet/Dry UL rated FR XLPE. Minimum average insulation thickness for #20, 18 and 16 AWG is 0.381 (0.015 in)
Conductor Assembly:
Two or three insulated conductors are twisted together to form a pair or triad. Individually shielded pairs and triads have a finished lay of 51 mm (2 in). Unshielded pairs and triads have staggered lays to reduce electromagnetic interference and cross talk
Pairs and triads are shielded with 100% coverage aluminum/ polyester tape and includes a tinned copper drain wire. Shield tape is of a type to provide total shield isolation from all other shields. Cabled pairs and triads are overall shielded with 100% coverage aluminum/polyester tape including #20 AWG (0.519 mm²), seven strand tinned copper drain wire. Overall shielded designs with copper tape or braided tinned copper are also available
Conductor Identification:
Instrument pairs are black, white and number coded. Triads are black, white, red and number coded
Thermocouple pairs are colour coded per ANSI MC 96.1 and number coded
Colour coded conductors and extruded stripes are available upon request
90°C (194°F) UL rated FR PVC, footage sequentially printed
Thermoplastic CPE (with XLPE insulation)
Thermoplastic Low Smoke Zero Halogen (with XLPE insulation)
Thermoset CSPE (with XLPE insulation)
Standard colours are black, intrinsically safe blue, or, for thermocouple extension cables, the ANSI colour corresponding to the thermocouple extension alloy type contained in the construction. Additional colours are available upon request
Optional Armour and Jacket:
Optional galvanized steel or aluminum interlocked armour may be supplied. The armour is covered with the same FR PVC jacket as with the inner jacket.
Two additional armours are available:
Galvanized steel served wire armour recommended for vertical riser applications
Zetabon® hermetically sealed aluminum barrier recommended for direct burial applications
Shawflex FR 210 jacket material meets the ICEA 210,000 BTU Flame Test

Standard Performance Features


Note: PLTC/ITC may be substituted for CL3 and CL2 type cables