Instrumentation and Thermocouple Tray Cable

Design Standards

Instrumentation Tray Cables - 7 strand concentric, Class B bare or tinned copper wire. Available in #20 to 14 AWG (0.519 to 2.08 mm²) for 300 V and #18 to 10 AWG (.0823 to 5.27 mm²) for 600 V
Thermocouple Tray Cables - solid alloy wire, matched and calibrated to ANSI MC 96.1, standard limits of error, thermocouple extension grade
Primary Insulation:
PVC compound - rated as 75°C (167°F) dry, 75°C (167°F) wet and -40°C (-40°F) for Type TW75-40 insulation
FR XLPE compound - rated as 105°C (221°F) dry, 90°C (194°F) wet and -40°C (-40°F) for Type RW90-40 insulation
Conductor Identification:
Two or three conductors are twisted together to form a pair or triad. The individually shielded pairs and triads have a finished lay of 51 mm (2 in). Unshielded pairs and triads have staggered lays to prevent electromagnetic interference and cross talk.
Individual Shielding:
When specified pairs and triads are shielded with 100% coverage aluminum/polyester tape and a seven strand tinned copper drain wire is used. The shielding tape is designed to provide total shield isolation from all other shields.
Thermocouple pairs are provided with a layer of clear polyester tape under the shielding tape and have a solid tinned copper drain wire. A stranded tinned copper drain wire is optional
Conductor Identification:
Instrumentation Tray Cables - pairs are black, white and alpha numeric coded; triads are black, white, red and alpha numeric coded
Thermocouple Tray Cables - the individual conductor insulation is colour coded as per ANSI specifications for proper identification of the ANSI cable type and distinction between the positive and negative wires.
Overall Shielding:
Assembled pairs and triads are overall shielded with 100% coverage aluminum/polyester tape and a #20 AWG (0.519 mm²) seven strand tinned copper drain wire

90°C (194°F) to -40°C (-40°F) Fire Retardant PVC
Instrumentation cable standard colours are black or intrinsically safe blue.
Thermocouple cable is colour coded as per the ANSI colour corresponding to the thermocouple alloy type contained in the construction
Other colours are available upon request

Standard Performance Features

CSA Certifications